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Argon, Oxygen, Argon5/2. Mig gas, Tig gas, Acetylene.

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Mig gas, Tig Gas, Argon, Oxygen and Acetylene cylinders Australia-wide

Own your Tig gas, Mig gas, Oxygen and Acetylene cylinders!

  1. Purchase your cylinder full of either Argon, Oxygen or Argon 5/2 (Mig gas).
  2. You purchase a cylinder full of gas – so you never have to pay rental again!
  3. When you’re finished with your gas and need a refill,  contact any one of our retailers and do a simple exchange. You just for pay the gas!


How can I own my cylinder?

Power10 Gases are suppliers of industrial gases and cylinders.

Many of our customers don't want to pay rent on something they may not use everyday but still want and need to have their gas ready at hand.

You can own your cylinder and have it exchanged.

The aim is to bring good value to our customers, by having them benefit from owning their cylinder and never paying rent again!


* All cylinders and valves are Australian compliant and work with any Australian equipment.