Argon 5/2 mixes 93% Argon with 5% Carbon Dioxide and 2% Oxygen. In small amounts, there is evidence that the Oxygen can improve the stability of the arc and reduce the tension of the molten metal. Argon 5/2 provides arc stability, puddle control and reduces spatter compared to pure Oxygen. The improved weld quality and reduced clean up makes Argon 5/2 a preferable choice of gas for MIG welding.

Most common use:

  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding of mild steel

Mig gas cylinders. D size , E size G size. Can be exchanged with Speedgas and pure gas. Swapped with Mig Gas cylinders from Total tools , sydney tools and trade tools

Argon 5/2 (mig gas) cylinders


DimensionsD SizeE SizeG Size
Height (mm)
inc. valve & cap
Weight (kg)
inc. valve & cap
Diameter (mm)140mm232mm232mm
Capacity (m3)1.7m34.0m38.5m3
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