Are you a mechanic or panel beater looking to re-stock your workshop? We have your gas needs covered with a range of different sizes in Argon, Argon 5/2, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

We recommend the following gases:

  • Argon – Argon is best used for muffler repairs and to weld mufflers, frames and other auto parts as well as being an important component of airbags and can be used in tires to reduce road noise and protect the rubber.
  • Argon 5/2 – An argon 5-2 gas cylinder is best used on mild steel welding, particularly with MIG welding equipment and techniques. When it comes to mild steel welding, using the right argon 5-2 gas cylinder can be the difference between a perfect weld or a sloppy join.
  • Nitrogen – Oxygen oxidizes when it reacts with other gases like hydrogen, which if it reaches your air-filled tyres, water will form and may lead to wheel corrosion and rust. Nitrogen does not support moisture, which means your wheels may experience less corrosion if you choose to fill your tires with nitrogen.

Require a different gas type? Get in touch and we will be happy to help you find the right gas for your needs.

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