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Direct delivery to home or business 1-2 days delivery all gases

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Power10 Gases in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Own your gas cylinder – Never pay rental again! We are suppliers of MIG weld and TIG welding gas bottles including Acetylene (sizes D, E), Nitrogen (D, E and G), Argon (sizes D, E, G), Argon 5/2 (sizes D, E, G), Nitrogen (D2) and Oxygen (sizes D, D2, E, G).

Buy your first gas bottle and when you are ready for a refill, simply bring it back to us (or any other supplier of Power10 Gases) and swap it for another tank – rent free! We have gas for a range of industries and projects – From Aircon and Refrigeration repairs, to Automotive workshops, Jewellers, wine making and food preservation, we have a gas bottle to suit. Whether you are working on a small weekend hobby or require bulk gas for an industrial project, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service and great value – get in touch to see how we can provide a solution tailored for you and to check delivery to your area.