• Address 59 Butler st
    Tully Queensland 4854

Tully Canegrowers Mitre10 – New South Wales – Whether you are working on a small weekend hobby or require bulk gas for an industrial project, we have a range of gas cylinders for your welding needs. We supply Argon, Argon 5/2 and Oxygen ,Mig welding and Tig gas welding cylinders. Find your welding equipment, welding gloves, welding wire, welding gas etc

We have gas for a range of industries and projects – For Farmers, Automotive workshops, Jewellers, pressure testing, wine making and food preservation, we have a gas bottle to suit. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and great value – get in touch to see how we can provide a solution tailored for you.
Own your gas cylinder – Never pay rental again. Buy your first gas bottle and when you are ready for a refill, simply bring it back to us (or any other supplier of Power10 Gases) and swap it for another tank – rent free! Located in Tully near Mission Beach QLD and Rockingham QLD areas.

We can exchange Power10 gas cylinders as well as Speedgas and Pure Gas cylinders. We cannot exchange BOC cylinders. Please contact to confirm other brands

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tullycanegrowersmitre10


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