Do I need Argon or Argon 5/2?

Argon can be used for all TIG Welding and for MIG Welding of Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Argon 5/2 can be used for MIG Welding of mild steel. Note, you will not get a perfect job if you try and use either Argon or Argon 5/2 across all metals.

What do I do when my cylinder is empty?

When it is time to refill, simply return your cylinder to your nearest distributor for an “Exchange & Go” – you will receive a full cylinder and only pay for the gas!
All cylinders and valves are Australian compliant and work with any Australian equipment.
Please note, for safety and regulatory reasons we are only able to exchange Power10 Gases cylinders and are unable to fill other suppliers’ cylinders.

Will other gas companies fill my cylinder?

For safety and regulatory reasons, other gas companies are not able to refill Power10 Gases cylinders. We are also unable to refill or swap any other suppliers’ cylinders.

Will my cylinder need testing?

When your cylinder is empty we do a simple exchange. As the cylinders come back through to us on refilling, we handle the testing and inspection of the cylinders. There is no additional cost to you.

Will my regulators fit the valve?

Yes, all cylinders and valves are Australian compliant and will work with Australian designed fittings.