The key industrial use for Oxygen is combustion – Oxygen supports the combustion of a variety of materials such as iron and steel, glass and concrete that wouldn’t usually burn in air. Oxygen mixes with other gases to allow a very hot flame to be produced and can be used to melt metal such as steel, in a room-temperature environment. Oxygen is often used in some shielding gas mixtures due to its ability to help stabilise the arc and reduce surface tension.

Most common use:

  • Metal cutting
  • Welding
  • Heating
  • Brazing
  • Glass blowing
  • Thermal lancing to cut materials such as concrete, brick, stone and a variety of metals




Dimensions G Size E Size D Size D/2 Size
Height (mm)
inc. valve & cap
1560mm 915mm 945mm 780mm
Weight (kg)
inc. valve & cap
55kg 32kg 15kg 16.5kg
Diameter (mm) 232mm 232mm 140mm 159mm
Capacity (m3) 8.5m3 4.0m3 1.7m3 1.7m3
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