September Specials

Cylinders at Special Pricing*

Prices include freight, minimum 16 cylinders per order of any mix#

SizeTypeSale Price, Ex GST.
Cylinders inc gas
D2 Size Nitrogen $99 available
D2 Size Carbon Dioxide $99limited
D2 Size Oxygen $109limited
D Size Argon $129available
D Size Argon 5/2 $129 available
D Size Acetylene N/Asold out
E Size Argon $199 available
E Size Argon 5/2 $229limited
E Size Oxygen $209 limited
G SizeArgon 5/2N/Asold out
G Size OxygenN/Asold out
G Size Argon $279limited

*  Prepayment required
# Limited stocks available
Power10 can alter or cancel the offer at any time

Looking to switch and take advantage of specials?

Please contact us for the full range, we can exchange Pure Gas and Speedgas cylinders.